Rave Reviews

 “Invisalign is paying off, Thanks The Smile Agency!”

Dietrich Riley

-Dietrich Riley 


 “Such a life changing experience…..Before and after braces…..

Dr. Guinn is AWESOME”

 rolanda kd before and after

Rolanda K.


                              “I have been Dr. Guinn’s patient since 2005. I first came in as an elementary school student, and I had a major overbite, narrow arches,  and crowing. At first I felt like braces would be a hassle or be uncomfortable, however, they used the best brackets in the industry (aka Damon Braces). I was also a candidate for the Herbst appliance, to help advance my jaw forward.
My appointments always accommodated to my schedule, even with school and my sports schedule. I got my braces off two years later, and I had a great smile. I was prescribed to wear a DRS, and lingual bonds. 

                                   Unfortunately after a while, my teeth started shifting because I did not wear my retainer.  After that, I came back for an Invisalign consultation. It was the best decision I ever made to get Invisalign. My consultation was free, of course, and now its been two years and I am in refinement trays. I love the convenience of the trays, and how I don’t have metal in my mouth. The staff is always super friendly and willing to answer any questions. 

Thanks The Smile Agency!”


-Stephanie L.