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  • Underbite- correctable without surgery. This patient was done in 28 months.
  • Overbite- correctable with Damon braces and a Herbst Appliance.
  • Severe open bite, corrected with Damon braces and TADS. No surgery!
  • Misalignment and spacing- corrected with braces or Invisalign and TADS.
  • Spacing and underbite- corrected with purely Invisalign and TADS.
  • Crowding and rotations, patient was done in one year with no extractions!
  • Her gummy smile was transformed with TADS and Damon Braces.
  • Phase 1 –braces for kids. Patient’s two front teeth were saved and aligned!



Dr. Guinn treatment plans each patient with considering what they will look at 50 years of age. Dr. Guinn has strongly believed in treating one’s malocclusion, you must look at the face!

She has treated thousands of cases over the years from young kids to older adults.

The Smile Agency prides our self in delivering the highest technology and development of the teeth to the face, whether you are an child, teen or adult.

The American Association of Orthodontists also agrees that your child should see an orthodontist no later than age 7. Early evaluation is often the key to more efficient treatment because it allows the orthodontist to determine the optimum time to begin treatment.

Call or come by today to see what Dr. Guinn and The Smile Agency has in store for you!