Darryl D. - The Smile Agency orthodontic patient

“GOT SMILE? Excellent orthodontist!”

Darryl D.  is a happy Smile Agent, he flies all the way from Hawaii to get his braces adjusted by Dr. Guinn, we sure do love our patients!

“My daughter and myself both have braces installed by this wonderful doctor and staff! Dr. Guinn is great, her staff is, fantastic, friendly, professional, and the services are affordable. Who knew there were so many different options for braces? We couldn’t be happier and/or more satisfied with my investments and results. I recommend you go in for a consultation and see for yourself…I am most definitely a happy and satisfied Smile Agent!”

The Smile Agency

“You can look elsewhere but you will waste your time and money.”

“Dr.Guinn and Staff are the only place in which you would want to send your family or yourself for your Invisalign needs! I found her through a friend and simply came in for a consultation. Based on my research of my needs and pricing I found no one could beat her in offering the optimal services for the cost.

Even better was the finance package they offered. I must say it just got better from there….”

What a pretty smile, thank you Melissa H! We love to see our patients smile!

 Dietrich Riley - Invisalign Patient at The Smile Agency

Invisalign is paying off. Thanks The Smile Agency!”

– Dietrich Riley

Rolanda K. - Dr. Karen Guinn's orthodontic patient

“Such a life changing experience…..Before and after braces…..Dr. Guinn is AWESOME!”

– Rolanda K.

Stephanie L. - Damon Braces Before/After

“Thanks The Smile Agency!”

I have been Dr. Guinn’s patient since 2005. I first came in as an elementary school student, and I had a major overbite, narrow arches,  and crowing. At first I felt like braces would be a hassle or be uncomfortable, however, they used the best brackets in the industry (aka Damon Braces). I was also a candidate for the Herbst appliance, to help advance my jaw forward.
My appointments always accommodated to my schedule, even with school and my sports schedule. I got my braces off two years later, and I had a great smile. I was prescribed to wear a DRS, and lingual bonds.

Unfortunately after a while, my teeth started shifting because I did not wear my retainer.  After that, I came back for an Invisalign Teen consultation. It was the best decision I ever made to get Invisalign. My consultation was free, of course, and now its been two years and I am in refinement trays. I love the convenience of the trays, and how I don’t have metal in my mouth. The staff is always super friendly and willing to answer any questions.

– Stephanie L.

The Smile Agency

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