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The Smile Agency Proudly Serves Pasadena’s Neighbors

Dr. Karen Guinn & her Pasadena orthodontics team is happy to serve our Pasadena neighbors. We have been seeing patients that are as close as Sierra Madre, Altadena or South Pasadena, but also from the greater Los Angeles area as well. No matter where you come from, Dr. Guinn is committed to providing high-quality orthodontic care not only to our Pasadena patients, but to our neighbors as well. Schedule a visit today to see what course of orthodontic treatment would be right for you.

Orthodontic Services Offered to Pasadena Residents

At The Smile Agency in Pasadena, CA, we offer an array of orthodontic services to our Pasadena residents & friendly neighbors of Pasadena. Here are some of the most popular services we offer:

Damon Braces

Experience fantastic results in a shorter amount of time with Damon braces. The Damon System is designed to give your teeth a little more freedom of movement, giving your own mouth the freedom to move and settle into place without so many adjustments and procedures. Make sure to ask Dr. Guinn about self-ligating braces if you are interested in orthodontic care without the elastic ties.


If you are looking for braces for yourself or your child, we offer comprehensive orthodontic care for our youngest patients to our oldest patients. No matter what age you are, it is never too early or too late for orthodontic treatment. Come in for a consultation and see what course of treatment is the right option for you. If you do not want traditional metal braces, we offer other options that you may be interested.

Invisalign & Invisalign Teen

Dr. Guinn is happy to provide a clear & comfortable alternative to metal braces! Ask her about Invisalign clear plastic alignment trays for yourself or your teen. Even though no one should be embarrassed about having braces, we understand that appearances are everything to a young teen, so if your teen is concerned about the look of braces, be sure to ask Dr. Guinn how she can help your teen obtain some of the best results with Invisalign Teen in Pasadena.

TMJ Treatment in Pasadena

Do you or your loved one clench or grind their teeth while sleeping? This may be a serious sign of TMJ, which can lead to severe jaw-clenching and headaches in the future if left untreated. Many patients who suffer from TMJ even realize they have bad teeth grinding habits because it happens during their sleep. Visit The Smile Agency for some of the best results from TMJ treatment Pasadena patients can rely on.